Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway

The contract with the net worth of PLN 582.2 for the design and construction of Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna (Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway) was signed on 7 May 2013. The project consortium of Budimex (as the consortium leader) and Ferrovial Agroman carried out the construction work until the middle of 2015.

Minerals DC Nowak was a strategic supplier of aggregate for the entire project. For the project construction work, primarily the 0/31.5 mm fraction base course was used, and the 2/8 mm and 8/16 mm grade aggregates became components of concrete mixes.


Under the project contract, the following were built: -17-km long two-track railway line from the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz railway station through the Lech Wałęsa Airport, to the connection with the 201 Gdynia-Kościerzyna railway line; 1.4-km long Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway single-track link to the 201 railway line; 8 passenger stops; a train reversing service station; a Local Traffic Control building; 16 railway bridges, 8 road bridges, 5 pedestrian railway bridges, elevated crosswalks, culverts, and crossings for animals.

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway has also streamlined the regional mass transit by rail. Gdańsk is now connected by rail to Kartuzy and Kościerzyna. The whole Tri-City area is connected to Rębiechowo airport.