Dredging & Offshore

DREDGING is deepening and improvement of the bottom of water bodies. OFFSHORE is any work performed on or underwater and away from the shore, like the construction of breakwaters, artificial islands, and other engineering structures in coastal waters and sea bays. Group DC provides these services using state-of-the-art vessels. The crews of De Cloedt vessels – DC Orisant DC Ostend and RIO – deliver the most technically complex projects in Poland and across the world.

Thanks to these large, modern, and multi-purpose vessels, Mineral DC Nowak can tackle every challenge. Each vessel is outfitted with dedicated equipment for every type of offshore task. This ensures optimum flexibility and efficiency.

Watercourse maintenance, maintenance deepening, restoration of beaches, and the construction of breakwaters have never been as efficient as today. The dynamic positioning system of the offshore work vessels is especially helpful in the construction of offshore wind farms.

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