Crushed Stone Aggregate

We sell crushed solid rock aggregate sourced from Scandinavia.

Group DC has quarries with the best and richest deposits in Europe, located in Seljestokken, Eikefet, and Halsvik. The sites are located in Norway, which guarantees quick and easy access by sea to most ports of northern Europe. The quarries feature stable deposits of gneiss grades, including granitic gneiss, a type of rock with extremely high processing value. In Poland, we currently operate in six stockpile yards at key seaports from Gdańsk to Szczecin:
– Gdańsk
– Gdynia
– Kołobrzeg
– Świnoujście
– Szczecin

EIKEFET quarry
The mining operations and original granitic gneiss deposit mining permits date back to 1872. Eikefet has unrestricted access to Osterfjorden and exclusively operates two wharves. The mean annual turnover of the mined material is 2-3 million tons. The site has a permit to mine further 200 million tons.
The mining permit for the facility was granted in 2005, and Seljestokken has unrestricted access to the Frosjøen fiord, which is directly connected to the Northern Sea. The sales volume of the site is approximately 1 million tons a year, with an annual output of 1.2 million tons of material. The site has a permit to mine 100 million tons.
HALSVIK quarry
This quarry in Sløvåg began operating in 1994. The rock material mined there is extremely strong granitic gneiss with a poorly distinctive oriented structure, in which it resembles typical granite grades. The annual sales and output volume of the site is 2 million tons. The mining permit was granted for approximately 160 million tons.

Natural crushed rock aggregates from the Eikefet quarry

Natural crushed rock aggregates from the Seljestokken quarry

Natural crushed rock aggregates from the Halsvik quarry