About us

Minerals DC Nowak Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. was established in 2017 as a result of Handel i Minerały Nowak Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. striking a partnership with Group De Cloedt of Belgium.

HiM Nowak began its business in the industry in 2011 by supplying aggregates for the most important infrastructure projects in the Pomeranian region of Poland. It was the only Polish business to source, process, and sell marine aggregates from a deposit in the Baltic Sea known as “Południowa Ławica Środkowa – Bałtyk Południowy”

Group De Cloedt history began at the start of the 20th century. Its business strategy focuses on the delivery of projects which involve dredging, mining and production of aggregates, as well as works related to environmental protection. Group De Cloedt has divisions and branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, France, and Norway.

The core business profile of Minerals DC Nowak is to meet the growing market demand for natural aggregates. Minerals DC Nowak, as a pioneer and the first business in Poland, continues to source, process, and sell aggregates from a deposit located in the basin of the Baltic Sea. The second and continuously growing business focus of Minerals DC Nowak is the sale and distribution of crushed-stone aggregate from Scandinavia. Group De Cloedt has deposits in Seljestokken, Eikefet, and Halsvik in Norway. The product range, unique by its superior quality, is used in the production of concrete mixes, bituminous asphalt mastics, and general construction of buildings and roads. The quality of the materials is recognised by our customers who take part in prestigious and the most exclusive investments. Aside from the sales of Scandinavian aggregates and sourcing materials from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, Minerals DC Nowak provides dredging and underwater earthwork. Dredging work, which consists of deepening and improvement of the bottom of water bodies, is carried out by Group De Cloedt with state-of-the-art, specialised vessels. De Cloedt vessels deliver the most technically complex projects in Poland and around the world.