Tunnel construction under Świna

The investment is the design and construction of a GP road between the islands of Wolin and Uznam in Świnoujście, on the section from Karsiborska street on the island of Usedom to the intersection Duńska and Fińska street one on the island of Wolin, with a total length of approx. 3.2 km. The scope of the investment includes the construction of a tunnel bored using the TBM machine technology under the Świna Strait, approximately 1.44 km long, with access to the tunnel in the form of an open trench and a tunnel made using the roof method on the Uznam island and on the Wolin island. The road system will also include: access roads to the tunnel, a maneuvering square, an intersection - a roundabout on the island of Wolin and a T-intersection on the island of Usedom. The investment also includes the reconstruction of the existing adjacent streets.

Minerals DC Nowak is the main supplier of aggregates for the entire investment, both in terms of concrete mixes and prefabricated elements (CEMEX) as well for the construction of road foundations and stabilization (PORR).







The project entitled "Improving the transport connection between the islands of Uznam and Wola in Świnoujście - construction of the tunnel under Świna", Measure 4.2 - Increasing the transport accessibility of urban centers located outside the TEN-T road network and relieving the city from excessive road traffic, Priority Axis IV - Road infrastructure for cities, Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020

Total estimated length of the entire object: approx. 3,200 meters. Estimated length of the bored tunnel using the TBM method: approx. 1440 meters. Entry length on the island of Usedom in diaphragm walls: approx. 460 meters. The length of the trip on the Wolin Island in diaphragm walls: approx. 1 hour. 420 meters.

One-pipe tunnel, two-way:
The total width of the road - 11 meters
The outer diameter of the tunnel is 13.46 meters
The width of the lanes: one in each direction - 3.5 meters each
The width of the emergency lanes - 2 meters each
The deepest point of the tunnel under the bottom of the Świna River - approx. 38.0 m above sea level.

source: Gmina Miasto Świnoujście (www.tunel-swinoujscie.pl)