About Company

About Company

Minerals DC Nowak sp. z o. o. sp. k. is the company that deals with mining, trading and distribution of aggregates.

We are the only company in Poland which deal with the acquisition, processing and sales the natural aggregates from a deposit located in the Baltic Sea Mid-South Bank.

Minerals DC Nowak beyond acquisition raw material from the bottom of the sea by using specialized mining units also brings natural broken aggregates from mines Seljetokken, Eikefet, Eidsnes i Halsvik which are located in Norway. Our aggregates are used in production of concrete mixtures, bituminous-asphalt mixtures as well as in widely understanding road and cubature infrastructure.

Due to origin Mid-South Bank – Baltic Sea and related to this parameters of aggregates offered by Minerals DC Nowak are successfully widely used in construction industry with particular emphasis of the construction and development of road industry and production of concrete mixtures in the highest quality, durability and aesthetics class of requirements.

It is possible not only due to efficient distribution system and competitive price, but mostly due to physic-chemical parameters which are practically unheard on the surface mining.

The location of the deposit on the South Mid Baltic Sea causes that processes like weathering or disintegration of rock material ale minimized. The aggregates are under constant pressure at constant temperature under environmental conditions of negligible variability.

The material is dominated by igneous and metamorphic rocks, mainly granites and gneisses which have the highest technological value and practically in absence of light grains and alkali reactive grains which are huge danger for top concrete.

Results of parameters such Los Angeles, Micro-Deval, PSV tests shows high resistance to abrasion and grinding which is equal or often higher than common used rock materials from mines located in the South of Poland, and playing the crucial role in concrete production for surface.

Not less importance has other results like frost resistant or absorption, which also qualify material as the highest quality.

Process of extracting aggregate from the seabed and secondary rinsing in the processing plant ensures a constant and very low level of dust which makes it much easier to work with material, especially in the concrete technology.

All aggregate parameters are regularly tested by a laboratory accredited within the certified system of ZKP (2+), which allows for continuous monitoring and maintaining them at unchanged level. According to the legal requirements for placing construction products on the market, aggregates sold by Minerals DC Nowak are fully documented.

Clients Opinion

Producent wzrorowo spełnił nasze wymagania jakościowe i ilościowe.
Niniejszym uważamy, że Firma Handel i Minerały Nowak wywiązały się ze swoich zadań
dobrze i polecamy ją, jako bardzo dobrego partnera.

Budimex S.A.

Po przeprowadzeniu niezbędnych badań kontrolnych można było stwierdzić, że kruszywo
naturalne firmy H. i M. Nowak przydatne jest do produkcji mieszanek mineralno asfaltowych.
Producent wzorowo wypełnił nasze oczekiwania.

Polski Asfalt sp. z o.o.


Minerals DC Nowak
Minerals DC Nowak
Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

80-601 Gdańsk
ul. prof. Witolda Andruszkiewicza 5,
lok. nr 2/38
ul. Ku Ujściu 23
80-701 Gdańsk
ul. Chemików 4
80-550 Gdańsk
S. Nowak - Chief executive officer
W. Tęcza - Commercial Director
tel. 509-342-371
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